Primary Years - Grade 3
Language Arts: making extended predictions with changes as the story changes, main idea, characters, setting, real-world connections, infer meaning and draw conclusions, language to explain, inquire and compare, retelling stories with details, self-monitoring strategies when reading, expanding vocabulary, solidified common spelling patterns and high frequency word recognition, sequencing events, perspective, friendly and formal letter structure, acrostic and diamante poetry, extended narrative writing, revising and editing processes, punctuation, vocabulary and word choice in oral and written communication, time order words.

EAL: survival vocabulary, communication phrases and words, recalling and explaining information, active responses to oral tasks, initial consonant sounds, vowel sounds and diagraphs, describing objects with varied vocabulary, 'wh'-questions (who, what, where, when, why) expression of thoughts and ideas using oral communication, fiction and non-fiction textual distinctions, sequencing and retelling.

Maths: estimating, chance and probability, money, number patterns, times tables to 12, division, place value, introduce angle measurements, addition and subtraction with money, measuring volume and mass, odd and even numbers, telling time, identify temperature, using balance scales, grams and kilograms, describe, extend and create patterns, positions (spatial awareness), read and write fractions, collect and interpret data, sort, organise, describe data, record outcomes using bar graphs.

Integrated Science and Social Studies:sample units include Rainforest, Significant People, The Active Planet, Brainwave.

Music: group composing, contrasting sounds, creation and performance of short composition, combination movements and words, create rhythmic patterns and perform rhythmically using notational support, recorder practice, pentatonic scales for melodies and accompaniments.

PE: basketball passing and shooting skills, sequences with hoops, conditioned games of tag, stamina work with running activities, astride and through vaults, possession games, handball, rounders, baseball, 100 and 200m techniques and adaptations, obstacle relays, scatter ball.

ICT: writing for different audiences, developing images using repeating patterns, branching databases, collecting and presenting information, questionnaires and pie charts, modelling effects on screen.