Primary Years - Grade 5
Language Arts: parts of speech and their place in literacy, tenses, sequencing, simple and complex resolutions when writing, procedural steps to composing narratives, poetic structures, haiku, onomatopoeia, similes, metaphors, play and news scripts, figurative language, character studies, spelling patterns, persuasive texts, oral discourse and arguments.

EAL: survival vocabulary as necessary, responding to varied questioning, targeted spelling and writing support, recalling and explaining information, active responses to oral tasks, common spelling patterns and grammatical structures, expression of thoughts, ideas and opinions for discussion, listening respectfully and responsibly, organising thoughts before speaking and writing, voice level and intonation, irregular spellings and grammatical structures.

Maths: compare, read and write numbers to a million and beyond, integers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, representation of algebraic expressions, ordering and estimating, fractions, decimals, percentages, converting fractions, decimals and percentages, measure and construct angles and rotation, symmetry, chance and probability scales, ratios and proportions, solving real life problems.

Integrated Science and Social Studies: sample units include Mars Mission, Investigators, Physical World, and Time Tunnel.

Music: body percussion, group compositions, performing and recording longer pieces of music, creating longer graphic scores, using keyboards, piano, recorders, ukulele, percussion, using voice to produce a variety of sounds, world music influences, the effect of two or more sounds together, composing a song with an awareness between lyrics and melody.

PE: sequences and use of balls off the apparatus, pair movement and balance, cartwheels, body support on small and large surfaces, scoring in badminton, indoor rounders, long distance running and endurance skills, tag rugby, Danish long ball, parachute work, handstands and headstands, basketball skills.

ICT: graphical modelling, analysing data and asking questions using complex searches, evaluating information, checking accuracy and questioning plausibility, introduction to spreadsheets, development of videos using multimedia devices.