Academic Leadership
Our Schools are Learning Communities, not only for our students but our faculty as well. Each staff member is actively encouraged to participate in continuing education whether through advanced degrees or participation in education conferences. The ISL Group is an active participant in the Alliance for International Education (AIE), the European Council of International Schools (ECIS) and the Council of International Schools (CIS). Additionally, our Greater London Schools are involved with the London International Schools Association (LISA) and ISL London is an active participant in the IB Schools and Colleges Association (

Our Managing Director, Amin Makarem, was instrumental in the development of the Alliance for International Education (AIE) UK Chapter and has been appointed a Trustee. Further, he has helped to organise and host the student Climate Change Challenge and the seminar Education for a Better World, which brought together key individuals from leading institutions and NGOs in the fields of international education. The Alliance for International Education will hold its World Conference at ISL Qatar in October 2012.

Our Participations
ISL Faculty and Staff go beyond participation in Education and Relocation organisations, by participating in and presenting and major educational conferences, serving on Boards and hosting regional and international events. For more information on these connections:

Alliance for International Education:

Council of International Schools:

European Council of International Schools:

IB Schools and Colleges Association:

International Primary Curriculum:

Association of Relocation Professionals:

European Relocation Association (EuRA):

Forum for Expatriate Management:

Worldwide ERC, the Workforce Mobility Association:

Canadian Employee Relocation Council:


Academic Leadership

Jim Doran (Dr.)
Head of School

Marco Damhuis
Head of Primary

Claudine Hakim
Head of Secondary / Head of Admissions

Support Staff

Eulalia Nunes

Brit Beckers
Secretary / Admissions

Pat Barlow

Kiren Juttla-Turner
Finance Assistant

Dean Walker
Facilities Manager


Anna Brown
Early Childhood Learning facilitator

Anna is Portuguese, born and raised in Germany where she finished her schooling. She was a professional ballet dancer with the National Ballet of Lisbon and went on to dance in Luxembourg and Italy. Anna holds a Level 5 diploma in dance teaching (QTLS) and has 14 years of experience teaching children through to adults. She has also been an Early Years teaching assistant for the last 4 years

Anne Wood
Music Teacher

Anne is our Music Teacher. She started teaching at ISL Surrey in 2009. Anne is very interested in Art and enjoys painting. She has also previously lived in California and New York.

Annisa Pearce
Learning Facilitator

Annisa comes from Singapore. She graduated with a Master of Arts in Journalism from the University of Technology, Sydney, and became a newswire journalist before deciding to teach Media and Writing. Annisa has worked in primary and secondary schools in England, Australia, Singapore and Canada. She now lives in Surrey with her British husband, Guy, and their two children.

Brit Beckers
Secretary / Admissions

Brit has been the Secretary at ISL Surrey for over six years. She is also responsible for the admission of new pupils.  Previously she worked as the school librarian from 1999.  She graduated with a Masters of Commercial and Financial Sciences specialising in Marketing, and obtained a Teaching Qualification for Secondary Education.

Carmelina Senatore
Italian Mother Tongue / EAL Support

Carmelina has worked in British and Italian schools at Primary and Secondary level for over twenty years. She has a Degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures and is currently teaching Mother Tongue Italian from Early Years to Middle school. EAL (English as an additional language) is also her specialist subject at ISL Surrey.

Carmen Powell
Nursery Teacher

Carmen is Maltese, but was born in Australia. She has studied five languages (Maltese, English, Italian, French and Arabic) and has worked in International Schools for over 12 years. Carmen helped initiate The Magic Tree Nursery at ISLSurrey when she joined in 2010, and has played a key part in the development of the nursery ever since. When visited by Ofsted in December 2010, the nursery was marked outstanding in every category.

Carol Reuman
Middle Years English B & EAL Teacher

Carol is from the United States and teaches MYP English B and EAL. She received her Bachelor's degree from New York University, and her Master's from Teacher's College, Columbia University, both in the Teaching of English. She has lived in England for the past six years and previously taught at another international school in London. 

Chris Morrant
SEN Learning Facilitator

Chris has worked for four years as a Teaching Assistant and Classroom Support Assistant for children with vision impairment, and is pleased to join ISL Surrey's Early Childhood team as an SEN Learning Facilitator. He has a BSc degree in Conservation Biology and enjoys writing and performing music.

Cindy van den Heuvel
EC2 Teacher / Cooperative Learning Coordinator / IPC Early Childhood Coordinator

Cindy joined ISL Surrey in 2008 and currently coordinates the International Primary curriculum (IPC) in Early Childhood. She is also a class teacher in EC2. Cindy also implements Cooperative Learning in Primary and Secondary education.

Clare Albertson
Physical Education Teacher

Clare was previously a Primary School Teacher in New Zealand before joining ISL Surrey in August 2013. She is now the PE teacher for EY-G2. She studied Sport & Recreation and Education in Auckland, New Zealand. Growing up in the Bay of Islands. Clare loves swimming, diving, beach volleyball and travelling.

Clare Robinson
Early Childhood Teacher

Clare is the Co-Teacher in EC2. This is her third year working in Early Childhood, which she enjoys immensely. Clare also loves to travel and visit new places.

Claudine Hakim
Head of Secondary / Head of Admissions

Claudine is also our Special Needs Advisor and Head of Admissions.  She has previously worked as the Deputy Head of the ISL Surrey Primary School. She is originally from Lebanon but spent most of her childhood in Ghana. She is very passionate about international education and has over 20 years’ experience in the field of special educational needs.

Corinne Fryer
Learning Facilitator

Corinne joined ISL Surrey in September 2013. She has been working in childcare for over 6 years in primary schools, children's centres and private child care. She has an NVQ level 3 in childcare and education. Corinne is enjoying being a learning facilitator in the magic tree nursery and hopes to further her qualifications in the future. 

Dean Walker
Facilities Manager

Dean is ISL Surrey's Facilities Manager. He has worked at the School since 2005 and enjoys the challenges and responsibilities that his role brings.

Denise Chamberlain
Early Childhood Teacher

Denise joined the ISL Surrey team in September 2011, having previously worked in the Early Years sector.  She loves working with EC1 children and enjoys the challenge of offering opportunities that support children’s holistic growth.  Denise also has twins in the middle school.

Erin Plewis
Higher level Learning Facilitator

Erin joined ISL Surrey in August 2012. She has been working in early years for over 5 years and has a level 3 qualification in childcare. She is currently studying a Foundation Degree in Early Years, working towards Early Years professional status.

Eulalia Nunes

Eulalia joined ISL Surrey in December 2010. She holds a BA (Hons) degree in English Literature and Media Arts. Her family are from the Portuguese island of Madeira, so she is also fluent in Portuguese. This is her first time working in a school environment and so far she has enjoyed her time here immensely.

Eva Schildt
German Mother Tongue Teacher

Eva is from Germany where she grew up in Dusseldorf. She studied in Munich where she met her British husband.

Felicia Nayoan Siregar
Indonesian Mother Tongue Teacher

Felicia, a graduate from the University of Indonesia, Jakarta, has been living with her husband and two children in London since 1995. She joined ISL Surrey in February 2013 and enjoys every minute of it. She believes that developing languages from an early age (especially the mother tongue) is invaluable for children.

Frank van Oeffelen
Teacher Grade 2

Frank is the Grade 2 Teacher.  He enjoys helping children, parents and teachers to have the very best experience of living, working and going to school in the UK.  These particular strengths have led him to take on the role of Crossroads champion for our school.

Ghislaine Mahoney
French Mother Tongue Teacher

Ghislaine Mahoney is our French Mother Tongue teacher.  She started working at ISLS in 2009.  She originally trained in France as a teacher of English and taught there for 20 years. She has travelled widely and appreciates discovering new cultures and communicating in a foreign language.

Hayden Anderson
Teacher Grade 5

Hayden has been teaching at ISL Surrey for over three years. He is originally from Dunedin, New Zealand. He enjoys playing Cricket, and has even taught Cricket as an After School Activity.

Helen Carr
Learning Facilitator

Helen qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 2002. She has also lived in Colombia, Kuwait and Turkey and Worked at the British Embassy Study Group in Ankara, Turkey as SEN/EAL support.

Hulya Ucar
Danish Mother Tongue

Hulya was born in Denmark and her parents are Turkish. She holds a teaching degree from Denmark in English and Comparative Religions.In Denmark she has taught at multicultural and international schools throughout her teaching career. Being bilingual herself, makes working at ISL Surrey feel like coming home. 5 years ago she came to London to study her MA in Fine Arts and Cultural studies, thus half of her time is dedicated to her art.

Iris Schreuder
Learning Facilitator

Iris has worked as a Teaching Assistant in the Nursery and EC1 before joining Kindergarten. Iris has also worked as a Special Needs Assistant at ISL Surrey. She is Dutch and has lived in Germany, France and Ireland (Rep.). This is her third time living in the UK.

Jane Jones
Middle Years English B & EAL Teacher (MYP)

Jane joined ISL in March 2012 and teaches English B and English as an additional Language to MYP students. As well as her teaching qualifications, she has a Bachelor of Science degree. She believes passionately that learning should be fun and loves helping students communicate in English.  She enjoys cinema, travelling and live music.

Jenny Koerts
SEN Learning Facilitator / Dutch Mother Tongue Teacher

Jenny Koerts joined ISL Surrey in 2013 and works as a SEN Learning Facilitator and Dutch Mother Tongue teacher. Jenny is from the Netherlands where she was trained as a primary teacher. She has worked at several schools and enjoyed working with children of all ages. Jenny is very happy to continue working with children and enjoys it immensely.

Jim Doran (Dr.)
Head of School

Dr. Doran, our Head of School, began his educational career in 1972 and has been a teacher, curriculum director, principal, headmaster and director at the elementary, middle school, high school and university levels in seven countries around the globe. With degrees in education, educational administration, and a doctorate in curriculum and instruction, Dr. Jim is passionate about education and has committed his life to enriching the intellectual and personal growth of children and young adults worldwide.   His favourite saying, “Find a job you love and you will never go to work a day in your life.”

Joanne Milton
Learning Facilitator

Joanne Milton joined ISL Surrey in August 2011. She has five years’ experience as a teaching assistant, four of which were spent at the United World College Maastricht in the Netherlands.  Joanne grew up in Zambia and went to boarding school from the age of eleven, followed by an International college in the UK.

John Wills
Physical Education Teacher

John has worked at the school for over 6 years. As well as the PE Teacher at ISL Surrey, John is heavily involved in our After School Activities, and coordinating the pupils' Swimming Programme.

Juan Mancebo
Spanish Mother Tongue

Juan comes from Cuba and teaches Spanish Mother Tongue and Salsa dancing at ISL Surrey. He enjoys working with children because “they are our future”, and is really happy to share his knowledge and skills with pupils.

Jusztina Letai
Hungarian Mother Tongue Teacher

Jusztina joined ISL Surrey in September 2012, teaching Hungarian Mother Tongue. She holds a BSc in Teaching English as a Second Language in Primary School and is also as a qualified Hungarian Primary Teacher and Music Teacher using Kodaly methodology. Jusztina has taught in Hungary, the USA and in the UK.

Kamran Baig
Teacher Grade 6-9, MYP coordinator

Mr Kamran has joined ISL Surrey after many years of teaching in International Schools overseas. He loves the ethos of the school and the warm friendly atmosphere. He is interested in helping students to overcome their limitations through understanding how their minds work.

Kara Cypher
SEN Teacher (ASD)

Kara joined ISL Surrey in September 2012. Originally from North Carolina, in the USA, Kara and her family moved to the UK in the Summer of 2012. Kara has a Bachelor of Science in Special Education, and is currently working on her Maters in Autism Spectrum Disorders.  She was a classroom teacher before moving to the UK.  She has two children who attend ISL Surrey: Christian in Grade 3 & Jillian in EC2. 

Karin Van Bastin Batenburg
Learning Facilitator

Karin was previously a primary school teacher in Amsterdam before joining ISL Surrey in August 2012. She is now the learning facilitator in Grade 1 and teaches the Dutch Enhanced Mother Tongue lessons in Grades 2 and 3.

Katherine Gear
Kindergarten B Teacher

Katherine was previously a learning facilitator at ISL Surrey, and enjoyed it so much that she trained and came back as a teacher!  She has worked with a lot of classes across the school and is now excited to be teaching Kindergarten B.

Kenneth Lemon

Ken joined ISL Surrey in April 2012. Ken was a butcher for 44 years before retiring in March 2012. He enjoys keeping the ISL Surrey garden looking nice, and likes planting from scratch and seeing how the plants evolve over time. In his spare time he enjoys watching football at his local club.

Kerry Phipps
French Language B Teacher and Marketing Officer

Kerry is one of our French teachers and our Marketing Officer. She has a Masters degree and PGCE in French, has lived in France and Quebec, and taught primary French for many years.  Kerry is also a graduate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Kiren Juttla-Turner
Finance Assistant

Kiren was born in Kenya and graduated in Environmental Business Management at Middlesex University.  She joined ISL Surrey in 2011 as a Finance Assistant and enjoys working at our school!

Laura Edwards
Learning Facilitator

Laura joined ISL Surrey at the beginning of the 2013/14 academic year.  She was previously employed as a teaching assistant in another local primary school, has volunteered with children in other educational settings and tutored mathematics up to GCSE level.  Laura studied as an engineer at the University of Warwick and graduated in 2008 with a Masters in Civil Engineering with Business Management.  She chose to leave engineering consultancy in March 2012 and hopes to train as a teacher in future.

Laura Williams
Teacher KG

Laura joined ISL Surrey in August 2011. She had been teaching in London for the past two years, but is originally from Canada. She studied Early Childhood Education, Family and Social Relations as well as Education at the University of Windsor in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Lee Sien Hoe
Chinese Mandarin Language B Teacher

Lee Sien joined ISL Surrey in September 2012 as our Mandarin B Teacher in Middle School. She moved to the UK two years ago from Malaysia and enjoys teaching Mandarin and Chinese calligraphy, as well as playing table tennis.

Leone Meijer
Dutch Mother Tongue Teacher

Leone is one of the Mother Tongue Teachers at ISL Surrey. She works at the school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays with Dutch children from various primary classes.

Loes Vulker
Dutch Mother Tongue Teacher / IPC Leader for Learning / Co-teacher Grade 1

Loes is our Dutch Mother Tongue teacher in EC, Primary and Middle Years. Loes joined ISL Surrey in 2005 and has enjoyed her time here immensely. She studied at the pedagogical university in the Netherlands and worked at the European school in Munich. Loes is also the IPC Leader for Learning in our Primary school. She loves to see that the IPC is making our children adaptable, resourceful and independent in their learning.

Luchy Harrold
Art Teacher G6-8 Counsellor

Luchy grew up as a TCK. She is originally from Venezuela where she first started teaching art, music and dance, but since then she has lived and worked as an educator in The Netherlands (where she discovered the joy of combining art with counseling), Mexico, France and now England. She feels at home in the international setting – more so since raising (with her husband) three cross-cultural children in what is now their fourth country together.

Maaike Kaandorp
Middle Years Teacher / IB Diploma Coordinator

Maaike is originally from The Netherlands and has worked in international education as an MYP Humanities teacher and a Diploma Programme History and Geography teacher for over ten years now in the Netherlands, the UK and the US. She holds M.A. degrees in History and American Studies, a post-graduate degree in Education and an International Teacher Certificate. Maaike very much considers herself a lifelong learner and hopes to work with many curious students at ISL Surrey.  

Maljinder Gill
Early Childhood Teacher

Maljinder joined ISL in August 2012.  She has had the opportunity to work in International and Bilingual schools in Italy  and Hong Kong.   She is very passionate about working with Early Years.  In her spare time she enjoys going to the gym, cooking, horse riding and travelling.

Marco Damhuis
Head of Primary

Marco is currently the Head of Primary School at ISL Surrey. Previously, Marco worked for 9 years as a Deputy Head in England and in the Netherlands. He has completed the International Leadership and Management Programme. His teaching background is with Special Educational Needs.

Mari-Carmen Moreno
Spanish Mother Tongue Teacher

Mari-Carmen did her degree in English Language and Literature at the University of Barcelona. She started her career as a teacher in Spain, teaching English. Since moving to the UK she has been teaching both French and Spanish.

Marijke Andries
Learning Facilitator / Dutch Mother Tongue Teacher

Marijke was a secondary school teacher in Belgium for eight years before joining ISL Surrey in 2013.  She is now a Learning Facilitator in Kindergarden B and teaches Dutch Mother Tongue lessons in Grades 4 and 5.

Michele Knight
Grade 3 teacher

Michele joined ISL Surrey in August 2012. Originally from New Zealand she has been in the UK for 20 years, working in British Primary Schools in a wide variety of roles including Head teacher for the past 8+ years. Michele has also worked for a local authority as Able Child Advisor and for the National College of School Leadership as a trainer of future Head teachers. She is excited to now be working at ISL Surrey, loves making a difference in the lives of children and enabling them to ‘see the light’ as they learn. Michele passionately believes in educating the whole child and ensuring their emotional well-being.

Milena Gill
EAL Teacher

Milena joined ISL Surrey in March 2010 and has previously lived in Switzerland, India and the United States. She has Bachelor of Arts Degrees in English and Education; and offers English Language support for students across the primary school as well as support for teachers who work with EAL students.

Mirna Azar
Arabic Mother Tongue Teacher / Language B French

Mirna joined ISL Surrey in 2009.She has a Master’s degree in French literature and has previously taught French in various schools in Lebanon. She has over 10 years of teaching experience. Mirna is our Arabic Mother Tongue Teacher in primary and our French language B teacher in MYP.

Miyuki Taylor
Japanese Mother Tongue Teacher

Miyuki has been teaching Japanese for several years to primary school and secondary school pupils in the UK.  She joined ISL Surrey in August 2011 and enjoys travelling and meeting new students.

Monika Toso
Teacher Grade 2 / Primary Curriculum Coordinator

Monika is originally from Lithuania. She has been working at ISL Surrey since it opened its doors in 2009. She coordinates the Primary Curriculum at ISL Surrey and enjoys working with a team of wonderful teachers.  She has previous taught Kindergarten and Grade 1 and will be teaching Literacy in Grade 2 this year. She is passionate about teaching reading and writing and her favourite thing is “planting a tiny seed in children, to become life long learners”.

Natalia Tripolskaya
Russian Mother Tongue

Natalia is originally from Saint Petersburg, Russia. She studied at Pedagogical University Saint Petersburg, Russia for 5 years and was qualified as a teacher of English and as a Primary school teacher.

Olivia Newnham
Grade 4 teacher

Olivia is our Grade 4 teacher who joined in August 2012. Prior to this, she taught in an international school in Cambodia for 3 years where she fell in love with the International Primary Curriculum. Alongside teaching, Olivia is also now an IPC trainer and enjoys sharing her knowledge with other schools around the UK. Olivia is originally from the Isle of Wight and her hobbies include anything involving the outdoors, sports and water and she has a great passion for travel.

Pat Barlow

Pat has been at ISL Surrey for over 5 years. She was initially employed as the accountant, but enjoys the challenge of her evolving role within the school.

Priscillah Lancaster Nnakazibwe
Learning Facilitator

Priscillah is originally from Kampala Uganda and graduated in Public Services in 2010. She joined ISL Surrey in August 2012 as a Learning Facilitator and is currently working  towards a full teaching qualification.

Ranim Alwair
Arabic Mother Tongue Teacher


Ranim is originally from Syria. She holds a degree of architecture and is a student of masters degree in regional planning.In Syria, she was qualified as a teacher of architecture in two universities and her teaching experience spans over 6 years , she is particularly passionate about teaching Arabic. She enjoys drawing,travelling,and learning about different cultures.

Rosamund Wilson
Learning Facilitator

Roz Wilson is an English Graduate and has taught EAL for 13 years in England, South Korea, Italy and Spain. Roz lived in the USA for 4 years as a child and has always loved to travel.  She is enjoying being a learning facilitator at ISL Surrey and is hoping to continue with her teaching qualifications in the future.

Rubina Najib
Urdu Mother Tongue Teacher

Rubina recently joined ISL Surrey as our Urdu mother tongue teacher. Rubina has over 15 years’ experience in education, including teaching RE and EAL to pupils ranging from primary school to adult levels. Rubina also has experience in moderating and examining coursework for International examination bodies

Saira Rehman
SEN Learning Facilitator

Saira joined ISL Surrey as a learning facilitator in 2013. She has worked with SEN children at other schools and has tutored children from ages 5-14. Saira is really looking forward to learning more about ISL Surrey as her time at our school progresses.

Sarah Partridge
Teacher EC2

Sarah Partridge is one of our EC2 teachers and our Early Years Co-ordinator. She is an experienced international educator, having taught across the early years and primary age sections in schools in London, Maseru, Lima, Buenos Aires and Monza.

Saskia Driessen
SENCO/Dutch Coordinator

Saskia is our Special Need Coordinator for Early Childhood and Kindergarten.  She also coordinates the Dutch Programme and teaches Dutch in Early Years.

Sione Ambrus
Teacher Grade 6 - 9

Sione grew up in Australia where she completed her teacher training. She began her career teaching music, drama and as a generalist in Canberra, then moving to Adelaide where she taught Grades 3 and upwards. Sione enjoys playing music and has played clarinet for many years. She hopes to work with many up-and-coming musicians at ISL Surrey!

Sophie Murray
Teaching Assistant Early Childhood

Sophie joined the ISL Surrey team in August 2012. She has a Level 3 qualification as a Nursery School Teacher and is working towards Early Years Professional Status.

Susan Stewart
Head of Languages

Susan joined ISL in 2011, as an EAL (English as an Additional Language) Teacher. Susan has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Linguistics and French and is a lifelong learner of languages. She is enjoying discovering the UK after living and working in Thailand, the UAE, Belgium, Oman and Sweden.

Victoria (Vickie) Doran
School Librarian

Vickie has been a teacher and Librarian/media specialist in the United States and in international schools around the world.  She and her husband moved to England in July 2011. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Florida State University and a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology and Instructional Design from the University of Florida.

Zeynep Canan Winter

Zeynep Canan Winter has a degree in Economics from Istanbul University, a PG Certificate in Teaching from Marmara University, a MA in Translation with Intercultural Communication from Surrey University and a PG certificate in Bilingual Education from Middlesex University. She has taught at various schools in Istanbul and translated more than 30 books and novels. She worked with Turkish Associations in London and at community schools in Surrey. She likes literature and all forms of art and she is passionate about sharing her knowledge with children.  

Zina Limoi
Russian B language teacher

Zina Limoi is the Russian (Language B) Teacher. She studied Russian Language and Literature in the Pedagogical University in the Ukraine where she is originally from.  Zina has been working at ISL Surrey since January 2012 and enjoys it very much! She enjoys travelling, meeting new people and understanding their cultures.