Grade 10 Graduation 2017


Grade 10 Graduation 2017

June 27,2017

Grade 10 students, their parents and their teachers celebrated their graduation from ISL London Middle School on the evening of 16 June.

At the ceremony, students receive a certificate that marks the end of their time as middle school students, acknowledging the subjects that they studied in Grade 10.


After a welcome from the Principal of Lower and Middle School, Andrew Mitchell, and the Head of Middle School, Eleonore Kromhout, the audience were addressed by Sjoerd.  Sjoerd is, currently, the longest serving student of ISL London, having joined the school in Grade 3.  He regaled us with his experiences over the years and the special importance that ISL London has played in his life.


Anne-Lys Delelis, homeroom teacher for class 10A, spoke to group about the many challenges that they have faced during their time as Grade 10 students, and the extent to which they have proved themselves as seniors and leaders of the middle school community. Although Anne-Lys only stepped into the role of homeroom teacher part-way through the year, (when Mia Mogensen went on maternity leave), she has developed a wonderful relationship with the students, as she has taught many of them in Physical Health Education. Following the 10A graduation certificates, Sham took to the stage. She was voted to speak by her classmates.  Speaking about the many international connections she has made through her time at ISL London, Sham described the wonderful friendships she has formed and the sense of family she has felt during her time here, particularly as she had found the move from overseas daunting.


Presenting the graduation certificates to class 10B, Isabelle Verheyden shared with the students how much she has seen them develop and grow this year.  Isabelle has been the acting Personal Project Co-ordinator, (in place of Mia), guiding students not only through the demands of the final year of the MYP, but also through the Personal Project Exhibition.  Layla was voted by members of 10B to speak for them. She shared her family connection with ISL London in that her father also attended the school.  Describing the changes that she has seen over the years in her time as a student, her affection for the place is clear as is her sense that it has offered her a strong sense of belonging over the years.


Anne Williams presented graduation certificates to our 10 Foundation students. Speaking about each of the students in this group, it is clear that she has been an important mentor to these students.  Following her speech, Karolina played a beautiful piece on the piano.


The recipients of the special awards were announced:


Service Learning Awards (presented by Service Learning Co-ordinator, Cristina Pawel): Sofia, Sham, Nyfa and Barbara

Athlete of the Year (presented by Head of Department, PHE, Marta Perez): Sjoerd

The Arts Award (for recognition of excellent in the Arts and commitment beyond the classroom): Sofia, Yael, Karolina and Filippo

Attitude to Learning Awards (voted on by subject teachers)

- Resilience Award: Maria and Jana

- Perserverence Award: Erinna, Rina, Alexander, Mattia, Sofia, Louise

- Attitude to Learning (great self-motivation and a positive mindset to approaching new challenges): Sofia

Personal Project Exhibition Award (voted on by parents and guests to the exhibition): Sofia

Citizenship Award (voted by students as the individual who contributes most to school life, demonstrating consistent empathy and kindness): Jana


MYP Co-ordinator, Flora Mather, spoke about the students and offered insight into what she has learned about them not only as learners but also as individuals, describing what an amazing group of caring and thoughtful young men and women our Grade 10 have become.

The end of the ceremony was marked with the cutting of the cake by Sjoerd and a group photo of our graduates. After this, the graduates, their parents and staff enjoyed a chance to enjoy refreshments and finger food together as they remembered the year that had been and looked forward to all that lies ahead for our Middle School graduates of 2017.

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