A Day to Give Thanks 2017


A Day to Give Thanks 2017

November 14,2017

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, Grade 6-8 English Mother Tongue students learned about the history of the very first Thanksgiving in order to be well informed and inspired to then create an original skit. 

First, we read original excerpts from William Bradford’s ‘Of Plymouth Plantation’. This proved to be quite a fun challenge for students as it required them to read and interpret ’Old English’. Students were particularly interested in learning about the reason why the pilgrims originally ventured to North America, about the positive relationship between Squanto and the pilgrims and about the unexpected food eaten during the 3-day long feast.


Once well-informed, students geared up to prepare original skits reenacting the first Thanksgiving. With the help of William Bradford’s diary, students wrote their own scripts, designed costumes and props and performed amongst their peers. It was a blast!

Perhaps on this year’s Thanksgiving, these students can teach a bit about what they’ve learned to family and friends around the dinner table!

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