Workshops for Parents 2017/2018

ISL Surrey offers a variety of free workshops throughout the year. Attendance is limited, so please reserve your place as soon as possible.

Raising Your Bilingual Child


These workshops are aimed at parents interested in preserving the family’s mother tongue or home language in an English-speaking environment.


They provide tips on gracefully negotiating the many language issues within a multilingual family whilst developing both the child’s mother tongue or home language and the English language.


This workshop includes tips for:

  • Maintaining your mother tongue or home language
  • Developing your child‘s English


Workshop Dates:

  • 14th September 2017 - 7-9pm
  • 15th September 2017 - 9-11am
  • 9th November 2017 - 7-9pm 
  • 10th November 2017 - 9-11am
  • 1st February 2018 - 7-9pm 
  • 2nd February 2018 - 9-11am
  • 22nd March 2018 - 7-9pm 
  • 23rd March 2018 - 9-11am 
  • 24th May 2018 - 7-9pm 
  • 25th May 2018 - 9-11am 


Please contact Susan Stewart to reserve a place:


Let's get reading!


Want support in helping your child to become a confident, happy and enthusiastic reader, and ways to develop a love for reading at home?
With a focus on the role of quality picture books in reading and literacy development, this workshop will help you to:

  • Understand what is involved when learning to read
  • Discover different ways to 'engage' with a book
  • Feel confident when selecting books to read


Workshop Dates:

  • 12th October 2017 - 7-8.30pm
  • 13th October 2017 - 9-10.30am 
  • 26th April 2018 - 7-8.30pm 
  • 27th April 2018 - 9-10.30am 




Need help in understanding the many different processes your child goes through when learning to read and write?


With a focus on phonics and the role it plays in literacy development, this workshop will help you to:


  • Develop your understanding of what phonics means
  • Practise how to enunciate the different phonemes 
  • Pick up some tips on how to support your child at home.


Workshop Dates:

  • 30th November 2017 - 7-8.30pm
  • 1st  December 2017 - 9-10.30am 


Please contact Clare Bodfish to reserve your place on either or both of these workshops: 



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